Experience Empathic Atmosphere of
Sib Song Panna at the Heart of Chiang Mai

Lanna Come Spa is the first Thai spa that offers products and services in Sib Song Panna styles, reminiscent of the ancient Northern Thai – Lanna Kingdom. Sib Song Panna was a Thai Lue village with the rich culture but now has been fading. It has been said that “if you would like to explore Sib Song Panna, you should visit Lanna Come Spa where you can experience Thai Lue architecture, traditional styles of wall paintings and decorating, Lanna desserts, and Sib Song Panna music.

Lanna Come spa is a holistic beauty spa. Here, we pay attention and give an importance to all products by finely selected herbs with special properties as well as organic raw materials so as to provide the best products for your facial and body skin treatment. With charm of Sib Song Panna atmosphere, it results in the beauty from the inside out.


  • Certified by Ministry of Public health 2007
  • Chiang Mai Brand 2009
  • Thailand Tourism Awards 2010 (Outstanding Performance for Health Tourism Day Spa)
  • SME: Thailand Supreme Spa Service Supported by SMEs 2011

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