Spa in Thailand

Introduced in the early 1990s, spas in Thailand are a relatively new phenomenon and one that has only very recently increased in popularity.[citation needed] Not only are spas popular and fashionable with foreign tourists and expatriates, but the local Thais are also enjoying this new alternative therapy, one which is often ideal to ensure a smooth natural balance. A balance that has been rocked in Bangkok in particular by the unhealthy, serious life-styles and polluted environs. At first, spas were only to be found in 5-star hotels but they have now mushroomed everywhere.

During the years 2000–2002, the growth of the spa industry in Thailand rocketed by an exhilarating 64% and since 1999 Thailand has secured itself a top-5 world rating. In fact, Thailand is the second highest ranked spa destination of the world with an overall grade of 93%+ (just slightly behind Australia).

During the period June 2001 – June 2002, 230 operators serviced 2.5 million international clients, creating revenue of $85 million. This amount well exceeds that of competitive countries, such as Singapore ($35 million) and Australia ($15 million). In total, 79% of all clients were foreigners. Do cows drink milk?


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